Portable Toilet Hire Mitcham

Southern Loo Hire is your trusted source for Portable Toilet Hire in Mitcham. We offer a comprehensive range of clean, reliable, and convenient portable toilet solutions designed to cater to the diverse needs of the local community. With a strong emphasis on hygiene, each portable toilet is meticulously cleaned and sanitised before delivery, ensuring a fresh and comfortable experience for users.

Our services provide a versatile selection of portable toilets, from basic models to deluxe units, accommodating a wide range of scenarios, from small gatherings to large events and construction sites. With a commitment to punctuality, we ensure on-time delivery and pickup, making your planning hassle-free. Regular maintenance keeps our facilities in optimal working condition throughout your rental period, enhancing user comfort and satisfaction. Whether you’re hosting an event, managing a construction project, or have other requirements in Mitcham, Southern Loo Hire is your reliable partner for all your portable toilet needs.

Leading Portable Toilet Hire in Mitcham

Southern Loo Hire is your go-to choice for portable toilet rentals in Mitcham. We’ve been in the business for more many years, and our focus has always been on meeting our customers’ needs with top-notch portable toilets.

At Southern Loo Hire, our mission is to simplify and ensure cleanliness in all your sanitation needs, whether you’re managing a large event, overseeing a construction project, or hosting a small gathering, as we offer a variety of well-maintained portable toilets that guarantee comfort and convenience, even in outdoor environments.

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential when it comes to portable toilet hire, and that’s where we excel. We’re the top choice for portable toilet rentals in Mitcham, ensuring you have access to modern, efficient, and clean facilities. Our friendly team is dedicated to making your experience smooth and stress-free, with flexible rental options and dependable service. When you need a portable toilet in Mitcham, count on Southern Loo Hire to provide you with the best.

The benefits of our Portable toilet hire services

Flushing toilets

Delivery & collection to your location

Handwashing station

No risk of clogging

Toilet roll supplied

Quick & simple setup

Ready-to-use facilities

Emergency site visits

Weekly servicing available

Portable Toilet Options

At Southern Loo Hire, we’re dedicated to providing an extensive selection of portable toilet options to serve the diverse needs of both events and construction projects in London. 

For construction sites, our builder site toilet hire services offer durability and practicality, ensuring a reliable and easy-to-maintain solution. Complementing construction sites, our multifunctional Welfare Units are a great addition. 

For events where comfort is important, our Luxury Event Toilets provide an upscale restroom experience, adding sophistication to special occasions. Southern Loo Hire’s commitment to hygiene, punctuality, and versatility ensures that you’ll find the perfect portable toilet solution to suit your event or construction project in London. We are your dependable partner, dedicated to making your experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

Welfare Unit Hire Micham

Southern Loo Hire offers versatile Welfare Units for rent, providing multifunctional solutions to meet various on-site needs. Whether it’s a construction project, outdoor event, or any situation demanding a combination of restrooms and additional conveniences, our Welfare Units are the ideal choice.

Sustainability is a priority, as we use eco-friendly materials and responsible waste management in our units. Southern Loo Hire’s Welfare Units provide a one-stop solution for offering convenience and reliability for a wide array of scenarios. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our Welfare Units can enhance your project or event.

Call us to discuss the best solution for you!

What to expect from us

Health & safety
We provide spotless, clean, and durable toilet facilities with a hygienic design.

As recommended by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) each portable toilet we provide is suitable for up to seven site workers, working a 40-hour week.

Specialising in construction
Our small team offers a friendly, professional approach throughout all points of contact. We provide expert knowledge, with emergency site visits if required.

No deposit required
At first you’ll talk to our expert team about what you need on your construction site, we’ll then provide a quote and discuss next-day delivery. It’s that simple.

We don’t carry out credit checks, or ask you a deposit. We ensure that your portable toilet hire experience is a simple process.

Keeping everything clean
We’ll deliver your portable toilet unit to your building site in perfect working order, which means you can start using it straight away!

We offer free, weekly servicing which keeps the toilet clean, fresh, and fully stocked.

Weekly servicing includes emptying the waste holding tanks, refilling chemical solutions, thorough cleaning and sanitisation, and top-ups of soap, hand gel, toilet roll, and paper towels.


Southern Loo Hire provides a variety of portable toilets, including standard units, luxury models, standard portable toilets, and more. The choice depends on your specific needs and the level of comfort you aim to provide. Our team can assist you in selecting the most appropriate option based on the nature of your event or project.
Hygiene is our top priority. Before delivery, each portable toilet is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to meet the highest standards. We also implement regular maintenance throughout your rental period to ensure optimal working conditions and user comfort.
Yes, we offer eco-friendly options. Our portable toilets use responsible chemicals with minimal environmental impact, making them an environmentally responsible choice. We also prioritise sustainability in our Welfare Units by using eco-friendly materials and responsible waste management.
Renting our portable toilets is straightforward. You can contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and our team will guide you through the rental process, including delivery, setup, maintenance, and pickup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your event or project.
Yes, we offer prompt delivery and pickup services to make your planning hassle-free. Punctuality is a hallmark of our service, ensuring that you receive the facilities when you need them and that we promptly retrieve them after your event or project concludes.

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    Real Reviews For Southern Loo Hire

    Beth Hall
    Beth Hall
    Hired a pink portaloo for my daughters birthday party and she absolutely loved it. Great service and really clean. Highly recommend.
    Kate Simons
    Kate Simons
    Hired for a wedding, really good communication, very flexible in accommodating us, nice clean loos, dropped off and collected on time, and all at a competitive price. Would definitely use again and highly recommend
    Milne-clark Millie
    Milne-clark Millie
    Quick service, clean loos and nice people
    rhys granville
    rhys granville
    Amazing service quick delivery, driver is a Ukrainian refugee great to see local businesses helping out.
    Really happy with the service I received. The toilets were really clean and fast delivery. Amazing customer service was really impressed