What Chemicals Are Used In Portable Toilets?

portable toilet cleaning

Portable toilets are an important addition to outdoor events, construction sites, and recreational areas, offering a convenient solution for sanitation needs in places where traditional plumbing is not readily available. While these portable facilities may seem simple on the surface, a complex combination of chemicals plays a crucial role in keeping them clean, odour-free, and […]

Best Practices in Construction Site Toilet Hire: The Do’s and Don’ts by Southern Loo Hire

As the heartbeat of construction projects, the provision of safe and hygienic bathroom facilities emerges as a critical aspect often overshadowed by the bustling activity on construction sites. Southern Loo Hire acknowledges the paramount importance of this necessity, offering an unwavering commitment to reliable and high-quality construction site toilet hire services. In this comprehensive guide, […]

How Do We Empty Septic Tanks?

Septic tanks are an essential part of many homes, especially in areas without access to municipal sewage systems. They provide a practical way to manage wastewater, but like any system, they require regular maintenance. One crucial aspect of septic tank maintenance is emptying or pumping out the tank. In this blog post, we will explore […]

How Often Do You Need to Empty Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are a common sight at construction sites, outdoor events, parks, and other locations where traditional restroom facilities might not be available. These convenient structures provide much-needed relief, but have you ever wondered how often they need to be emptied? Let’s dive into the factors that influence the pumping frequency of portable toilets. The […]

Toilet Hire for Sports Events

Outdoor sporting events have come a long way from their days of notorious portable toilets – those unsightly, unhygienic, and often odorous facilities that were once an unfortunate staple. Fortunately, the realm of event amenities has undergone a transformation, and the introduction of Southern Loos has provided event organisers with a solution that turns outdoor […]

Why Do I Need Portable Toilet Hire for a Renovation?

Undertaking a bathroom renovation is an exciting but challenging endeavour. It involves dealing with dust, dirt, and disruptions, which can turn your dream renovation into a nightmare. That’s where portable toilet hire comes in. In this blog, we’ll explore why having temporary toilet facilities during your renovation is not only worth the price but also […]